An application that consolidates manufacturer online order tracking and material stock status into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Optimized Tech-

What we do.

Our goal is to provide a product that is simple, yet powerful in an effort to save you time and resources. 

The interface

Instant, Smart Search.

Search by Purchase Order Number, including “fuzzy search” to return results by partial inputs. Keep up with all the order details such as tracking, inventory, and shipper.

Why use Optimized Tech?

Reduce Unproductive Time.

Streamline business operations with a central, real-time distribution interface. In-turn,  you cut down on unproductive, manual time and start saving more money.

0 min
Daily time calling vendors about POs and inventory
0 hours
Annual time calling vendors about POs and inventory
$ 0
Expected hourly profit per sales rep
$ 0
Lost profit per 45 minutes of order tracking
$ 0
Annual lost profit from unproductive phone time


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